1.       Register yourself and your co-passenger through either of two ways:  


A.      Through Cova app

·         Download “Cova App” on your smartphone from the Apple App Store of Android Play Store.

·         Install the App.

·         From the Menu choose ‘Self -registration for travel into/through Punjab’

·         Fill in all particulars as sought and press the ‘Submit’ button’

B.      Through a Weblink

·         Self -register at https://cova.punjab.gov.in/registration

·         Fill in all particulars as sought and press the ‘Submit button.

·         Download and install Cova App before traveling.

2.       After registration, the primary traveller will receive a confirmation link through SMS.

3.       Click on the Link for printout. 

4.       Take printout with QR code on A4 size sheet.

5.       For 4/3 -wheeler, paste the printout on the left side of your windscreen or place it on the dashboard.

6.       At the border check-points, staff will scan the QR code on the printout.